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The Company operated in the following countries:

bandiera Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)
bandiera Albania (Republic of Albania)
bandiera Algeria (Democratic People's Republic of Algeria)
bandiera Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
bandiera Argentina (Argentina)
bandiera Australia (Commonwealth of Australia)
bandiera Bangladesh (People's Republic of Bangladesh)
bandiera Belgium (Kingdom of Belgium)
bandiera Bolivia (Republic of Bolivia)
bandiera Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil)
bandiera Bulgaria (Republic of Bulgaria)
bandiera Canada
bandiera Chile (Chile)
bandiera China (People's Republic of China)
bandiera Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus)
bandiera Colombia (Republic of Colombia)
bandiera North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)
bandiera Denmark (Kingdom of Denmark)
bandiera Egypt (Arab Republic of Egypt)
bandiera United Arab Emirates
bandiera Philippines (Republic of the Philippines)
bandiera Finland (Republic of Finland)
bandiera France (French Republic)
bandiera Georgia
bandiera Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
bandiera Ghana (Republic of Ghana)
bandiera Guyana Francese
bandiera Japan
bandiera Greece
bandiera Hawaii
bandiera India (Republic of India)
bandiera Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia)
bandiera Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)
bandiera Iraq (Republic of Iraq)
bandiera Ireland (Republic of Ireland)
bandiera Israel (State of Israel)
bandiera Italy (Italian Republic)
bandiera Kazakhstan (Republic of Kazakhstan)
bandiera Kuwait (State of Kuwait)
bandiera Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)
bandiera Libya (Republic of Libya)
bandiera Malta (Republic of Malta)
bandiera Malaysia
bandiera Morocco (Kingdom of Morocco)
bandiera Mexico (United Mexican States)
bandiera Nigeria (Federal Republic of Nigeria)
bandiera Norway (Kingdom of Norway)
bandiera Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
bandiera Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
bandiera Peru (Republic of Peru)
bandiera Poland (Republic of Poland)
bandiera Portugal (Portuguese Republic)
bandiera Qatar (State of Qatar)
bandiera United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
bandiera Czech Republic
bandiera Republic of Congo
bandiera Romania
bandiera Russia
bandiera San Marino (Most Serene Republic of San Marino)
bandiera Spain (Kingdom of Spain)
bandiera South Africa
bandiera Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden)
bandiera Switzerland (Swiss Confederation)
bandiera Taiwan (Republic of China)
bandiera Thailand (Kingdom of Thailand)
bandiera Tunisia (Tunisian Republic)
bandiera Turkey (Turkish Republic)
bandiera Ukraine (Ukraine)
bandiera Hungary (Hungary)
bandiera Uruguay (Eastern Republic
bandiera United States of America
bandiera Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
bandiera Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam)
bandiera Yemen (Republic of Yemen)