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The Company's activities from design through its drafting of the Technical Specifications, Wiring Diagrams processing, to installation, wiring and testing of Electrical Equipment The Technical Services SAI works with the most advanced computer systems and in particular of electrical CAD software with DWG
Software used: SPAC Automazione, Engineering Base, Microstation-Bently, ESApro Cable Trays, ESApro P&ID.

This allows full flexibility accomplishments applicable to any type of plant automation techniques to assure quality in the construction of electrical panels and plant construction, easy maintenance costs lower design Hardware / Software.

The design allows the cabinet:
1. Provisions layout
2. Automatic numbering of wires
3. Automatic numbering of components
4. Terminal Blocks numbering
5. Automated translation
6. Automated insertion of PLC Texts and codes
7. Automated configuration of PLC Cards
8. Connections cables
9. Materials list
10. Data sheets

At the end of each contract is issued the following documentation on CD-ROM
1. Use and Maintenance Manual in the target language (English / Italian / French / German / Spanish / Russian)
2. Operator Manual
3. Wiring Diagrams
4. Software PLC
5. SCADA Software
6. Software licenses
7. Material List
8. Data-Sheets
9. Certifications